Lake Bohinj



Lake Bohinj is one of the most famous lakes in Slovenia. And it is also the largest natural and permanent lake in Slovenia. And what is best, it is surrounded by nature, not by concrete...


So, do you want to enjoy the water or next to it? Visit Lake Bohinj. It is beautiful all year long...

I've mentioned Bohinj Lake, as the largest natural, permanent lake in Slovenia.
Why should I emphasize the "largest, natural" lake? Simple.

Because Lake Ptuj, for example, is larger and also permanent. It extends over the surface of 346 ha and Bohinj Lake to "only" 318 ha.
However, Ptuj Lake is an artificial origin. It was formed by the dam of the Drava River under Ptuj in 1978. It serves as a reservoir for hydroelectric plant Formin.

On the other hand, Cerknica Lake is the largest natural lake. Namely, it covers as many as 2,500 ha, that is, for almost eight Bohinj lakes.
But, Lake Cerknica is intermittent and in most of the year there is much less water, in the warmer part of the year, it is even empty. So people cultivate the ground.

Lake Bohinj in numbers

  • Covering: 318 hectares
  • Surface elevation: 526 m
  • Length: 4.35 km
  • Average depth: 30 m (98 ft)
  • Max. depth: 45 m (148 ft)

Things TO DO at Lake Bohinj

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Lake Bohinj

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