BOHINJ valley in
Triglav National Park

Perfect Destination For Natural &
Cultural Heritage Lovers

Bohinj valley is a great place to spend vacations or holidays in. Either with family or with friends.
It's an ideal destination for all who like nature and love to spend time outdoors. Regardless, active or just relaxing...
It's also great for sports enthusiasts, culture heritage lovers and so on and on.

There are many natural sights to see, cultural heritage to visit and sport activities to take...
he only thing you won't get in Bohinj, except for some summer events and concerts, is a loud nightlife...

What is Bohinj all about?

Bohinj is a valley, or rather a geographical area on the sunny side of the Alps, the Julian Alps. It covers the lower and upper Bohinj valleys, the Nomenj basin, and the lake bowl. Bohinj, as a complete valley is also one of 212 municipalities in Slovenia, named Bohinj of course.

The municipality of Bohinj covers 333,7 km2 in the Upper Carniola region, in northwest Slovenia. We are about 5.200 inhabitants in twenty-four settlements, including the few higher-lying ones.

The hills and mountains in the surrounding also belong to this beautiful Bohinj, including the Pokljuka and Jelovica plateaus.

The most northern point of Bohinj is Triglav (2864 m), the highest Slovene mountain, the most southern point is Matajurski Vrh / Matajur Peak (1936m) in the Lower Bohinj Mountains, the most easterly point is Vodiška Planina / Vodiška pasture (1108 m) and the most west point is Lanževica mountain (2003 m).

Bohinj Valley

Vodnik View Point (1017 m) is a viewpoint on the north-east side and gives us almost the whole Bohinj valley on a palm. It can be reached by a short walk or by a bit longer, depends on the starting point.

Bohinj Valley

Vogel Ski Resort (1535m) is another great viewpoint, on the opposite, south-west side of Bohinj. You can reach it by cable car or by a couple of hours walking.

The Bohinj Highlights


Many mountains, forests, waterfalls,  gorges, rivers and the most famous, Lake Bohinj.

Outdoor activities

Hiking, swiming in the lake, kayaking, cycling, horse riding, joging, paragliding, skiing and many more


Three museums, intersting architecture, special double hayracks, small chapels, ten churches and more. 


Tourist farms and pastures with dairy products, other traditional and some newer products as well. Reachable on local market.

Bohinj, a Year-Round Destination

Bohinj is a beautiful destination for holidays all year long. If you want to swim in the Bohinj lake, you should definitely come in the high summer, July until end of August or beginning of September. It depends on the weather. But if swimming in Bohinj lake is not your priority and you are not a crowd fan, then you will enjoy much more in the rest of the year.

In Bohinj, every season of the year has its charm. Find them out by visiting it at different times of the year.
Then you can tell me if you can decide which time of the year you like in Bohinj most. It might be a difficult decision ;)

Spring at Bohinj lake


If you are a peace and nature lover, you will enjoy the springtime in Bohinj. When nature is waking up and the flowers are starting to bloom; it is just beautiful.
As this is not the high season in Bohinj, it is very peaceful.

Summer in Bohinj


Summertime is the busiest time in Bohinj. It as the perfect time to swim in the lake, enjoy water sports and also others. You can feel the tourist beat. There are many, more or less, traditional events taking place, some music concerts, etc.

Autumn in Bohinj


Autumn in Bohinj is a perfect time for hikers and fishermen. It is not hot and usually, the weather is nice. It is also nice to ride bicycles or horses. If you come in the middle fo October, you'll admire autumn leaf colors.

Winter in Bohinj


Late autumn and winter in Bohinj are the most peaceful parts of the year. But if there is snow, there are nice possibilities for winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding on ski resorts, cross-country skiing in the valley, and more...

What To See In Bohinj?

There are many beautiful sights to see in Bohinj. Natural ones as also cultural ones.
Which kind of sights do you like more?

Natural Sights

Lake Bohinj

Bohinj lake is one of the most famous lakes in Slovenia. And it is also the largest natural and permanent lake in Slovenia. And what is best, it is surrounded by nature, not by concrete...

So, do you want to enjoy the water or next to it? Visit Bohinj Lake. It is beautiful all year long...

I've mentioned Bohinj Lake, as the largest natural, permanent lake in Slovenia.
Why should I emphasize the "largest, natural" lake? Simple.

Because Lake Ptuj, for example, is larger and also permanent. It extends over the surface of 346 ha and Bohinj Lake to "only" 318 ha.
However, Ptuj Lake is an artificial origin. It was formed by the dam of the Drava River under Ptuj in 1978. It serves as a reservoir for hydroelectric plant Formin.

On the other hand, Cerknica Lake is the largest natural lake. Namely, it covers as many as 2,500 ha, that is, for almost eight Bohinj lakes.
But, Lake Cerknica is intermittent and in most of the year there is much less water, in the warmer part of the year, it is even empty. So people cultivate the ground.

Lake Bohinj in numbers
  • Covering: 318 hectares
  • Surface elevation: 526 m
  • Length: 4.35 km
  • Average depth: 30 m (98 ft)
  • Max. depth: 45 m (148 ft)
Activities Around Bohinj Lake

Around Bohinj Lake, there is a nice trail for jogging or walking. All around the lake is about 12 km.
On the south shore of the lake, the trail is running next to the road. If you want to walk away from the road, you can go about 50 m higher through the forest on the "Hunters trail".
On the north side of the lake, there is no road, only a walking trail. So you walk all the time in pure nature, how cool is that!
But be aware, although it is possible to ride a good mountain bike on this trail it is not allowed, according to the regulations of Triglav National Park. Only on foot!

I recommend starting your hike on the north side of the lake. When you come to the other side, you can decide, either to walk forward to the starting point or use public transport.
The bus and in the warmer part of the year also the Tourist boat are driving regularly.

Water Activities In & At Bohinj Lake

Late spring until the middle of the autumn is the best time for sports activities on Bohinj Lake.
Well, swimming in the lake is a bit shorter season. Usually, the best time is from the end of June or beginning of July until the end of August and sometimes even until the end of September. Of course, it depends on the weather.
The first more significant rain after the middle of August usually cools it down, so it gets cold and not warm enough for most of the swimmers. But now, this rain could come at the end of August or the end of September, who knows.

Anyway, there are many other activities which you can do on the Bohinj Lake.

Rowing Sports

You can, for example, use SUP, kayak, canoe.

Well, there are quite a few Sports agencies in Bohinj. The one at the center, near the beginning of the lake (east side), at the famous bridge, is Alpinsport.
So, I would recommend you to rent the equipment in Alpinsport as it is the closest one. It is only a few meters away from the Bohinj lake.
There you will get all the stuff needed, also for your security. And, in case you are not used to doing something like this, you can get an instructor as well. So you will go home proud since you will learn something new.
I recommend you to book in advance, when possible.

You can also rent wooden boats, if you prefer, at the Izy Boathouse directly on Bohinj Lake.


Izi Boathouse:

Your own vessels

If you are planning to use your own boats, canoes, SUP etc, please read carefully the Boating Regulations established by Bohinj Municipality to avoid any fine.
Bohinj municipality is trying to do its best to protect nature.
First of all, no motor-driven vessels are allowed (this excludes training performed by organisations with a registered watercraft sports activity)

Entry-Exit points on Lake Bohinj:

  • Ukanc pier Logar
  • Naklova glava bay
  • At the Pod Voglom Hostel
  • Southern side of the bridge
    at St John’s Church

Fees for the use of entry-exit points – per vessel:

  • Daily 2 EUR
  • Weekly 5 EUR
  • 30 days 10 EUR
  • 60 days 15 EUR
  • Annual 20 EUR


  • Bay at Zlatorog Campsite
  • Bay at Pod skalco event place
  • At the Pod Voglom Hostel
  • Southern side of the bridge
    at St John’s Church

Fees for the use of moorings on
Lake Bohinj – per vessel:

  • Daily 12 EUR
  • Weekly 20 EUR
  • 30 days 60 EUR
  • 60 days 90 EUR
  • Annual 120 EUR

Waterfall Savica

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Other Waterfalls

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Mostnica gorge

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Triglav Seven Lakes

Content coming soon

How Has Bohinj Got Its Name?

Once upon a time, and even before, God divided the land of the world and gave it away to the people. Each group of people has got one piece of land.
When he shared all he was planned to, he said to the people: "What you've got is your homeland, go home".
They all thanked him and went.
God was sure he finished his work and wanted to take a rest. He deserved it, after a hard work anyway.
But then, suddenly, he saw a small group of people, still standing there somewhere in the corner. So he went there and asked them: "What are you still doing here? Why you don't go home?" They answered him: "Dear God, you haven't given us any land. We have no home, so we don't know where to go."
God was touched by so quietly and patiently pending people. He was thinking and thinking about what to do, how to help them...
After a long though, as he couldn't find a better solution, he made a decision. He decided to give them the most beautiful place in the world, which he actually kept for himself, for his retirement. And this is what he did, he gave them the most beautiful place in the world.
People were very grateful and to show it; they named the place after God. In Slovenian language God is "Bog", but in our dialect, in Bohinj, we say "Boh". So the name "Bohinj" comes from the word "Boh", as it is basically a god's land. I'm sure he visit us often...
By the way, poor God needs to work now all the time, as he has no place to enjoy his retirement. Good for us ;).
Now you know why we are so proud of our Bohinj; It's a heaven on earth ;)

[Adapted according to the folk legend]

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